Monday, January 18, 2010


Thank You.

That was awesome you guys.  Seriously.

Josh's photos and the full menu coming soon.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Like a Lightning Razor Sky


Your Stylish Presence in Requested at tonight's Winter Sports.

Tonight at 9 pacific we do Winter Sports III (or !!! if you want to), the first of the new decade, and to kick it off in the right vein of the new emerging consciousness, we decided to try our hands at something pure and aquarian.  The result is a does of a new, as-of-yet nameless, but nonetheless elemental mixture of cosmology and pure glacial primacy.  We're thinking of calling it the Glacial Melt, or the Alpine Race.  Bring your suggestions with you tonight!

The (???)
Like a Iceberg adrift offshore along the Grey Gardens.  A sipping shot of Boodles Gin and Draft Sake tempered by a splash of St. Germain and held together by a rough-hewn chunk of ice.  

See you tonight!