Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not Tonight :(((((((


..Unfortunately.  We've moved Winter Sports finale out!!  Sorry about the date confusion, but hope to see you all soon at the real real finale.  


And just so i don't tell any more fibs.. check back soon for the REAL DATE.  Cuz it ain't tonight :( 
We're working it out as I type..

(Rachel and Matt back at WS II in Decemeber.  By Josh Umami)

Finale, Soon!

Friday, May 28, 2010


All-Star Finale

Saturday, June 5th. 
We've got an all-star cocktail list with a dozen drinks on it, and a few new ones to usher in the sum-sum -summer..

I'll be sending out invitations soon.. stay tuned and pencil us in for next Saturday night.  Its gonna be like the season finale!  You know, like Lost!  You really can't miss it, even if its your first one.

(A few more photos from Winter Sports II.  Ryan, and Philip, top, and Sara, Seth, and Sylvia, above.  All by Josh Umami.)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010



This Saturday night marks the end of the first season of Winter Sports.  We've had an AWESOME time with everything, and hope that everyone who has found us has enjoyed themselves as well.  So once again, Ted will be rockin the kitchen, serving up the best drinks to be had between Sun Liquor and Tavern Law, Josh will be out with his camera, looking for just the right moment of pure pure love to snap up for all time, and your stylish presence will be, once again, invited to spend a few hours with us as we toast the slow evolution of Seattle's wintry grays into fast blues, whispy white clouds, and a bazillion shades of green on the trees. 

Um.. or not.  Last I checked its still dangerously cold out there and as wet as a duck's contact lens solution.

Saturday Night!

Your Stylish Presence is Requested!
We start at nine.. but you know by now, no one really shows up until ten..  just be there at ten.  Yeah!

Featuring a few new drinks... and an All-Star Menu:

Drinks from Heat I:
Will it be the Wartime Behavior--  Courvo and Ginger?
The Debutante's Regret-- Champagne, Cognac, and Whipped Cream?

From Heat II?
The Cabin Fever-- Hot Cider, Rum, Cinnamon, and Courvo?

January, and Winter Sports III..
The Whiteout?  Gin, Sake, St. Germain?
The Well Considered.. Rye, Lillet, Averna, and Orange Zest?

From March, and Heat IV..
Lions and Lambs?  On one hand, Averna, Courvo, and Sweet Vermouth, and on the other, Sake, Rosewater, and a fresh Rose Petal?

From April, Heat V and all of those plants..
The Boarding Pass-- Champagne, Lillet, Vermouth, and a Fennel cutting in the glass?
Or  the Would You Believe-- Sake, Cointreau, Gin, Mint and Bitters?
or the off-menu Oh Snap!, of Tequila, a sprig of Rosemary, and Ginger?

Blast From the Past

I found a few more photos from Winter Sports 3, back in January!

We have one more party this season, and we're planning on serving an all-star menu of cocktails from the other Winter Sports.  One of my favorite drinks was from this party:  the Whiteout.  Gin, St. Germain, Sake, and a Big Chunk of Ice.  I think I've had one, illegitimately, at each party since.

See you all this weekend?