Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Growth


I wanted to be sure and get something up about tonights menu before the starting gun goes off.  Tonight, we're continuing the Winter Sports technique of looking for inspiration in the nature of change around us, and this time of year, those changes are perhaps more plentiful that at any other time.

Tonights cocktails are all based on growth, and the sudden way that everything in the northwest seems to come to life this time of year.  We're gonna double down on herbed cocktails-- and, regardless of what types of herbs you think I'm talking about-- we're going to do our best to look for fresh ways to mix it up.  So enjoy!

Here are some combinations you may see on the menu tonight:

Champagne, mixed with a bit of Gin, some Ginger, and a cutting of Lavender.  Served in a Champagne Flute.

A cutting of Arugula, mixed with Cucumber, Sake, and Soda, on the rocks.

Gin and Averna, with a dash of St. Germain and a touch of cilantro.

I'll see you all tonight!