Saturday, June 12, 2010



I can't believe that today-- just today-- it seems like the city finally woke up and decided to be Summery.  Finally.  And it couldn't be more perfect; what better way to say hello to summer than by saying goodbye to winter?

I'm really excited about tonight.
Here's the menu:  6 drinks from throughout the season, 2 brand new drinks,  and 3 variations on our off-menu love affair from Winter Sports I, the French Ginger (muddled fresh ginger in St. Germain yum yum).
Enjoy and can't wait to see everyone! 

WS Season 1 All-Stars
French Ginger.  A Blonde Would.  Muddled Ginger in St. Germain, served as a sipping shot.  (WSI)
Wartime Behavior.  A Bite from Beautiful Lips.  A shot of Courvo and a splash of St. Germain in a Ginger-rubbed glass, served to sip.  And Bite..  (WSI, II)
Good Morning.  A New Years' Mimosa for the New Age.  Combine champagne and grapefruit juice with a sprig of fresh Rosemary, in a champagne flute. (WSIII)
Whiteout.  Glass and Glacier.  A splash of Draft Sake combined with Boodles Gin and finished off with a touch of St. Germain, cradling a rough-hewn chunk of ice in a sipping shot. (WSIII)
Golden Lion.  Guns and Roses.  A sipping shot of Courvoisier and Averna, topped off with a touch of Sweet Vermouth and served chilled.  Its pair, the Lamb, available by special request. (WSIV)  
Manhattan Fakes.  Reproduction is Flattery.  We reproduce a classic, afterhours.  Ransom Gin, shaken with Bitters, Vermouth, and Maraschino.(WSIV)
Summer Salad.  Surprise!  Sake and Vodka, tossed with Cucumber, Savory, and Arugula. (WSV)

And if you like the French Ginger
French Mexican.  A Helluva Margarita.  Ginger muddled St. Germain with Tequila and Lime.  Ay ay ay ay
Russo Franco.  Like All I Hear About St. Petersburg..  Ginger muddled St. Germain, Vodka, and Lime. 

Tonight's Originals are Amazing

Kitchen Sink.  Nothing Wasted.  Bourbon,  Courvoisier, and St. Germain mashup, topped with Sweet Vermouth and a shout of Soda.  Served up!
Yes Yes.  Yes Yes Yes Yes.  Bubbles, Lillet, and Lime can do no wrong..
The Last of Sheila.  (Will be Off-Menu but I have to put it online, its too good not to)  Sparkling Lemonade, Rye, Averna, and Lime.

A special shout out to our two guest bartenders tonight, Sara Lawrence and Andrea Lindemann.  The Yes Yes and The Last of Sheila are theirs.  Yes, Yes!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All-Star Finale

June 12.

Ok.  It is agreed, and the gods have sanctioned the day. 
Saturday, June 12 will be our Winter Sports All-Star Finale!
Apologies to everyone for the confusion.  Thanks for sticking by us while we finagled with the higher powers.

We've got a list of a dozen drinks here, the best-of, All-Stars of the Season, all of which will be on the menu next Saturday.  We've also got a few pages to preview from our upcoming photo and cocktail book-- a manifest-destiny-big record album-sized photo collection of all of everyone who's come to Winter Sports, and the recipe of every single drink we've created.  More on that later!

For now, and for the final time this season,

Winter Sports VI!
Your stylish presence is requested on June 12, my place, for cocktails, music, good vibes, and hopefully, at long last, some sumsumsummeryness.  Bring your best friends, donations always welcome,  and sunglasses optional.  

See you next weekend!