Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Sports Thanks You

Thanks so much to everyone who came out last night!  It was an amazing crowd, and we all had a great time.  Soon soon soon Josh will post his (and Seth's) incredible pictures from last night, but until then, I at least wanted to put the full menu up.  For all of your holiday liquor needs.  (We all have those, right?? Or am I the only one?)

The Gilded Age.  A generous shot of Lillet tempered by a bit of Chartreuse and balanced with Bubbles and some muddled mint, on the rocks.

The Savant.  Cynar, Gin, Mint, and Tarragon shaken with ice, topped with Prosecco and an Orange twist.  Served like champagne.

Missing Persons.  This was easily the drink of the night, according to Ted and Josh.  A deceptive mixture of Cointreau,  Sake, Bubbles, and Soda, with a bit of Mint and Lime thrown in for good measure.  Served on the rocks.

Conservatory.  Ransom Gin, Cointreau, a dash of Cognac, Lemon, and a Cinnamon Stick.  And hot, like a well-travelled tottie, you know?

Sara also somehow found the time to invent a new drink during the party.. those here for the second half may've gotten to taste the aptly named Fucking Fantastic.  If you didn't, don't worry, I have a hunch it will fill the shoes left by last year's French Ginger, and return again and again as our off-menu drink of choice.

Many thanks to everyone who made it out last night!  We'll see you in 2011.  Twenty Eleven.  

Saturday, December 11, 2010



Your stylish presence is requested.

Tonight's menu aint quite done yet, but we have some amazing drinks that only lack... drinkers.  No, they just lack names.  So here are some unnamed descriptions to whet your palette.

The Gilded Age.  Unknown Pleasures.   Lillet cut with Chartreuse and Boodles Gin.  Served with a little bit of Mint.
????????  Like an Alchemist's Daughter.  Cynar mixes with Champagne, Mint, Tarragon, and a twist of Orange for some black magic
???????  Refreshing but deceptively strong.. Champagne amended with cointreau and sake.
???????  It's a Hot House.  Ransom Gin, Cointreau, and a dash of Cognac come together with lemon and a cinnamon stick, served hot!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Season II, Episode II

Saturday, December 11.

This season's second installment of Winter Sports commences this Saturday night at 9.   Hope to see you all there! 

I'll be posting the menu soon!  This month we've got a return to Lillet, a little love letter to Cynar, a hot Ransom drink, and a timemachine to the summer with Cointreau, lime, and mint.  Details soon!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Season II Opening Ceremonies

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Josh's photos from last night coming soon..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Season II Opening Ceremonies

The Menu.

After much mixing and tasting, I'm pleased to announce the menu for tomorrow night's Opening Ceremonies.  Hope everyone can make it out to try these.  Keep your eye out, too, for off-menu drinks as well..  one of my favorite Winter Sports traditions.

As I said last post, we've been exploring recipes that point to our collective desire to dress the hell up and turn this thing we dread-- the oncoming of winter-- into something celebratory.  Without further ado, then, here we go:

Gin Haircut.  A Mini-Martinez.. we took a little off the top and cleaned it up a bit for the big night out.   Ransom Gin, Maraschino, Vermouth, and bitters, plus a little cherry. Served like a mini-martinez, in a sipping shot.
Rye Haircut.  Business up front, party in the back.  A sipping shot of Rye with a fresh muddled Pear and Ginger back.  
The Mascara.  Leaves traces on your cheeks.  Caramelly Madeira and Cognac splashed with Champagne and Maraschino, and all brushed with fresh mint. 

In addition, we'll be serving a few Winter Sports classics from last season.  All of you considerate people will realize that a little additional suggested donation for these classics (five dollars per) will keep our bartenders stylish and healthy!  

French Ginger.  A Blonde Would.  A sipping shot of St. Germain muddled with fresh ginger.  (WSI)
Good Morning.  A New Years' Mimosa for the New Age.  Combine champagne and grapefruit juice with a sprig of fresh Rosemary, in a champagne flute. (WSIII)
Whiteout.  Glass and Glacier.  A splash of Draft Sake combined with Boodles Gin and finished off with a touch of St. Germain, cradling a rough-hewn chunk of ice in a sipping shot. (WSIII)
Kitchen Sink.  Nothing Wasted.  Bourbon,  Courvoisier, and St. Germain mashup, topped with Sweet Vermouth and a shout of Soda. 

Thanks all and looking forward to seeing you! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Season II

This Saturday.

As we get even closer to the Opening Ceremonies for Season II, I'm happy to let slip a little about what going to be on our menu Saturday night.  We'll also have some of the the all star season I drinks available on standby, including the Wartime Behavior, the Whiteout, Good Morning, and the Kitchen Sink.. and possibly others, tho we ask that all of you very considerate people donate a little more for those modern classics.  

Of course the core of the Winter Sports spirit still lives on-- original drinks created for the event by Ted, with some help from Josh and myself.  So as always, we'll have 4 new drinks-- a complete menu spanning all 4 corners of my liquor cabinet.  This time, in celebration of Opening night, we're going with a few proper preparatory drink ideas, including a the clean and tidy Haircut, the Lipstick + Blush, and the Knockout.  More details on those coming soon..

In the meantime, here's the full photo set from Winter Sports V, last may.

Can't wait for Saturday!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winter Sports Season II!

Opening Ceremonies are November 13th, 2010.
I'm always tempted to type "Season !!" instead of "II" because the night is guaranteed to have so much !!!!! going on.

Until we post the menu, I gotta catch up on photos from last year's festivities.  Here's some of Josh's gorgeous work from Winter Sports IV, back in March.  See you next weekend!

gracias everyone for an excellent Winter Sports that night.