Wednesday, January 19, 2011



Your stylish presence in requested at my place on Saturday night, January 22nd, for third episode of Winter Sports this season.

For anyone new to this thing, Winter Sports is a seasonal bar that I started in my house to fight off the blues and greys of Seattle winter.  As always, this month we have four new cocktail recipes and a selection of Winter Sports "classics" from last years' games.  Great drinks, music, and beautiful people..  can't ask for anything more.  

This month we'll also be trying something new that I'm really excited about:  WE'RE GOING TO COUNT THE DRINKS WE MAKE.  Yes!  Periodically we may shout out how many Ted and the crew have mixed up.. and hope for a milestone.  Like, 500 drinks!  Or, since that may kill Ted, how about we start by aiming for 100? 

As always, Ted will be manning the bar, with the help of Josh and Sara, and Josh will also continue taking those amazing photos of his.  We continue to be able to operate on donations, so keep that in mind as you work your way down the menu!  Suggested donation is like 20$, but hey, we don't discriminate, alright?

I'll send out more updates as we finalize the menu and finish up our prep. Hope to see you all Saturday night!