Saturday, December 11, 2010



Your stylish presence is requested.

Tonight's menu aint quite done yet, but we have some amazing drinks that only lack... drinkers.  No, they just lack names.  So here are some unnamed descriptions to whet your palette.

The Gilded Age.  Unknown Pleasures.   Lillet cut with Chartreuse and Boodles Gin.  Served with a little bit of Mint.
????????  Like an Alchemist's Daughter.  Cynar mixes with Champagne, Mint, Tarragon, and a twist of Orange for some black magic
???????  Refreshing but deceptively strong.. Champagne amended with cointreau and sake.
???????  It's a Hot House.  Ransom Gin, Cointreau, and a dash of Cognac come together with lemon and a cinnamon stick, served hot!

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