Thursday, December 17, 2009

Only, It Wasn't Snowing

(Above, everyone at the end of the night, vaguely left to right, Ted, Sara, Rachael, Matt, Seth, Bert, Cori, John, Cathy, Kenny, Kailin, Tobias, Aron, Sylvia, Nick, with the menu, Brook, Karen, and Steph.  All Photos by Josh!  Below, Rachael and Cori.  Below that, Sara, Seth, and Sylvia. )

(Below, James and Mo, and Josh and Amanda.  I think Helen took the picture of Josh and Amanda, but Josh took the other one.)

Below, Philip and Sylvia.  Bottom, Sue, Roberto, Taylor, Aleks and Alvin.  Thanks Josh for the beautiful photos!  Many more coming soon!)

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