Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Huge Thank Yous to Everyone Who Came Out Saturday for the Second Night of Winter Sports.  

It was an awesome and lively crowd on Saturday-- thanks to everyone who came out before heading up to TRUST, thank you to everyone who came later and brought the second and third waves, and thanks to all who hung with us for the whole evening.  (...and a very big and quite special swooping Thank You to our lovely guest from Los Angeles.)

Thank you too to everyone for rocking such winter finery as you were.  We've got some beautiful photos by Josh to post.. they are undergoing the transition from analog to digital and should be ready to put up soon.  Hope you got a preview from Josh at the party-- they are truly gorgeous and I can't wait to post them and show them off.  

Before we get to the photos, though, I want to post the menu up for posterity..
Ted's cocktails Saturday night were focused on being holiday-ish without going overboard-- with just enough sweetness to be appropriate and just enough dirtyness to be inappropriate.  

Specialty Cocktails
Cabin Fever.  A Reason to Stay Indoors.  Hot Cider served in a glass mug with couvoisier, white rum, and a cinnamon stick.
Forget About It.  When You Want it to Linger A Little.  Cold Sparkling Cider with Tequila and a dash of Chartreuse, served in a champagne flute.

Wartime Behavior.  A Bite from Beautiful Lips.  A shot of Courvo and a splash of St. Germain in a Ginger-rubbed glass, served to sip.  And Bite.
Debutante's Regret.  The Hidden Crazy Eye behind Big Sunglasses.  Champagne and Courvoisier with Cool Whip if you're dirty.  Served like Bubbles.. but the Cool Whip will give you away.

Thank You Ted and Thank You Josh for your magics!
Cheers and I'll be back soon with some photos!

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